About Steve

I am an enthusiastic landscape photographer who enjoys nothing more than interpreting the things I see through the lens of a camera. I try hard, at the point of capture, to record the mood and atmosphere of each scene. However, I often need a helping hand from the many software options available to provide the right finish for uploading to the site.

Many of the photographs on realviewphotography are local to my home in the East Midlands although I do like to travel both in the UK and abroad when I have the opportunity.

I feel my photography is always developing through different techniques and subject matter so I hope that the site will reflect these changes over time. Currently, I am keen on developing panels of related photographs that tells more about a particular subject. Increasingly, this involves delving into alternative genres like intimate landscape and abstract photography.

Occasionally, I like to add news/blogs to the site which updates my current progress as a photographer and tells a bit more about aspects of photography or photographic venues that interest me. The Realview blog can be accessed via the tabs on this site or by using the following link to realview-photography.blogspot.co.uk

In addition, I also upload my photographs to various social media and photography sites including flickr, Ephotozine, and Twitter. These sites allow me to interact with other photographers whilst expanding the audience for my photography.

I would be really pleased to receive comments on my photographs or to answer any questions about my photography. If you would like one or more of my photographs please send a request using the site’s contact form.

Thank you for your interest in realviewphotography.co.uk.